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Natasha Bure

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Beschreibung AutorentextNatasha Bure is the daughter of actress and New York Times bestselling author, Candace Cameron Bure, and former NHL All-Star forward, Valeri Bure. Natasha’s passion for music and entertainment began at the age of 10. She has appeared in ABC Family’s hit show Make It or Break It as well as in Hallmark’s The Heart of Christmas. Natasha’s unique vocal style and creative songwriting have been featured in national performances on ABC’s daytime talk show, The View, and she was a participant on NBC’s top-rated reality singing competition, The Voice. In addition to Natasha’s core values of faith and family, she enjoys playing tennis and staying active with her friends. She grew up in South Florida and now happily resides in Southern California with her family. View Natasha’s posts on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/NatashaBure/ and on Instagram @natashabure! ZusammenfassungWith her spunky, artful, and unashamed attitude, Natasha Bure pushes back and gets real.

const reducer = (staat = uridstate, action) => {. Listen to Lets Be Real episodes free on demand. Now streaming LETS BE REAL on FOXNOW Hulu Tubi. PHP Kurs Referenten: Marco Aurélio Jefson Farias - Anfang 22. August PHP Kurs - Ende 20. Oktober. Read reviews and buy Lets Be Real by Natasha Bure Hardcover at Target.

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